Colonizing Mars

This topic has fascinated lot of people and Elon Musk is on the way to do this, now what’s like colonizing any planet. Lets check it out ->

Space colonization

Space colonization is the hypothetical permanent habitation and exploitation of natural resources from outside planet Earth. As such it is a form of human presence in space, beyond human spaceflight or operating space outposts. Many arguments have been made for and against space colonization.

How Colonizing other planets will help humans

  • The development of space colonization could allow human expansion beyond the Solar System without requiring technological advances that cannot yet be reasonably foreseen.

Now lets talk about Colonizing Mars according to Elon Musk’s plan

Elon Musk’s mission to mars might seem like a fictional story but the billionaires vision is quickly heading towards reality. The initial idea of Musk to get man on mars started wide back in 2002, when he was looking after his company Paypal. The initial idea was to send a small greenhouse to Mars packed with dehydrated nutrient gel that could rehydrate to grow small house plants on arrival.

Why only Mars ?

As on 31st July 2008 — Phoenix Mars Lander confirmed that water is present on mars in the form of frozen ice. It was also proved that mars has its own atmosphere, by looking at this scientist were sure that one day mars can be also made a new home for humans.

Now we have all the basic knowledge, now lets deep dive :

To colonize mars we need to create a dense and thick atmosphere for mars. For that the water on mars which is present in the form of frozen ice has to be melted so that it could evaporate and create a atmosphere, this cycle has to be repeated again and again so that we can form river streams on mars. First step is to make the atmosphere. -> evaporation -> precipitation again evaporation and so on.

Second thing we need is to start doing agriculture, we don't know if plants can survive on mars as there could be difference in the soil composition and many other stuff. So for that inside the capsule we have to do underground agriculture. So that we can grow plants and feed us.
Detailed information on underground agriculture -

Some more stuff to be added -:
After we have a atmosphere, we have to plant trees on the mars surface so that we can reduce the carbon dioxide level. We can release cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae in water. These microbes conduct photosynthesis: using sunshine, water and carbon dioxide to produce carbohydrates and, oxygen.
We can even extract carbon dioxide by using some technology. Israel recently invented a machine which takes in the water vapor from the atmosphere and creates drinking water. We can use that tech to generate more drinking water.
The Machine -

Everything can be done but there are some cons and problems which we have to face -::

One big stumbling block — one Musk doesn’t mention in his essay — is radiation. Earth has a nice magnetosphere that largely protects us from the harsh solar wind and high-energy cosmic rays arriving from outer space. Travelling through space to Mars presents serious risks to astronauts; this remains the primary risk as viewed by analysts at NASA. There appear to be few technical solutions to shield astronauts, who may inevitably suffer serious radiation damage.

Everything is not same at mars as Earth -:

  • The gravitational force is really less compared to earth
  • Mars does not have its own magnetic feild
  • Atmosphere and stuff can be resolved by us, but there are many problems which will not let us live on mars

We never know if mars will be a good planet for us to live but we can at least try and take our science to the next level

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